Fall on the Farm

Here is what we’re up to:

Weeding and thinning the strawberries

Growing giant sweet potatoes

Ladybug larvae are growing up amongst aphid-laden leaves

We’ll take apart our potato towers soon

We’re rotating beans and peppers with cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce. We will put a cover on the hoop house so we will have greens all winter long.

Our tomatoes are still coming in.

Come see for yourself at Bluegrass in the Barn on October 6th!

12:00 Yoga in the Barn with Elli Westmoreland (focused on the Sun Salutation)
1:00 Eddie Goldbetter, Gina Clowes and Buddy Dunlap
2:00 Half Lit Bluegrass Band
3:00 Buddy Dunlap and Friends
4:00 Half Lit
5:00 Buddy Dunlap and Friends
6:00 Open Jam in the Barn

Food and drinks will be served! See you there!