Meet the Folks of Capon Crossing

Westmoreland All-631

The Families of Capon Crossing Farm: Buddy, Liza, Will, & Ben Dunlap; Jake & Elli White; Sandy & Michelle White

Sandy White has been raising Black Angus Cattle since 1980. Most of his 35 year venture was spent on his family farm, Willow Grove Farm, in Winchester, VA, where he married Michelle, and raised two children, Aliza and Jake. In 2006, the Whites moved to Capon Crossing Farm in Wardensville, WV, where Sandy started a grass fed, rotational grazing program along the Cacapon River. The calves fattened up so nicely on the natural Indian and switch grasses, there was no need to feed grain or make hay!
He is an avid horseman and can be seen checking his herd on his Quarter Horse, Mirada, with his Border Collie, Tracey, trailing behind.

Sandy workin' cows

All three of our families help around the farm: Michelle helps with the market, gardens, raises hens and guineas, crafts, and is a master carpenter.
Buddy helps manage the cattle herd, keeps the freezers stocked with beef, and heads up our resident Bluegrass in the Barn band, Bud’s Collective. Aliza manages the farm market, tends our sheep flock, and helps around the farm. On a day-to-day basis, both can be found with their three boys (Ben, Will, and Sam) in tow.
Jake helps around the farm fixing fence, taking care of chickens, landscaping, making brisket for Bluegrass in the Barn. Elli raises meat chickens, laying hens, tends vegetable gardens, and teaches yoga classes in the barn.

We are each dedicated to creating healthy, homegrown lives, and work together to keep the farm running smoothly.