Chicken available in 2015 at CCFM!

Freedom Ranger; Source:

Freedom Ranger; Source:

Our first batch of broiler chicks have arrived! We’ll be offering Freedom Rangers (a breed especially suited to thriving on pasture) in June of this year. Pastured-raised chicken IS a bit different than what you’ll find at the grocery store:

-Pasture-raised birds take longer to reach their market weight, which means they have more time to develop amino acids and antioxidant nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, “conjugated linolaic acids”, and high ratios of Vitamin E. This also means the ratio of dark meat to white meat may be higher in pasture-raised poultry, but it makes it tastier!
-They will be raised in moveable pens so that they are protected from the elements and multitude of predators that prowl our farm, but will be moved everyday so that they always have access to fresh grass and insects.
-We’ll be processing on site, so we’ll be offering mostly whole birds, and some half birds, rather than pieces. There are SO MANY options for how to prepare whole birds, however, and we’ll be posting some of our favorites leading up to when we’ll have poultry available.

chicken pen

One of our moveable chicken pens: partially covered for shade, partially open for plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

Would you like to put our name down for a pasture raised chicken? Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you at the time of availability. We’ll have chicken available at different times between June and October, and will provide more opportunities for you to reserve a bird before each processing time.


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