Halloween-Square Dance-Bluegrass in the Barn Extravaganza!

Come with your dance partner, costume, and all your friends for the Halloween Edition of Bluegrass in the Barn! We’ll be kicking off the night with a caller leading a barn dance, and continuing the evening, as always, in an uproarious party!

Discounted entry fee for those who wear a good costume. Bud’s Collective will also be hosting a costume contest, first prize being a delicious steak.

Also, we’re still offering a $5.00 entry to anyone who uses the delightful services of Elite Chauffeur Services of Winchester! (Awesome people doing awesome work for anyone who wants to let loose and boogie with some beer in hand) $20.00/hour per car, no matter how many people are in the car. Great deal for anyone with a van 🙂

BintheB Halloween


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