Currently at Capon Crossing Farm…

What a winter! It is certainly keeping Sandy, Buddy, and CCFM’s new intern, Jared, VERY busy keeping our cows fed, watered, and healthy. We’re just hoping this extreme cold will put in a dent in the pest population come gardening weather.

We are excited to announce that we are currently carrying pasture-raised pork sausage from Taproot Farm! Taproot is a wonderful, small-scale farm in Capon Bridge, WV, that grows lots of seasonal produce, and raises pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats, all for meat, all naturally. Tim and Beth Reese, and their Farm Deputy, Alexor Moore, really farm from their hearts and their pork is AMAZING! We’re offering breakfast, hot breakfast, italian, hot italian, and unseasoned sausage. We have a limited supply, so make sure you stop by soon!

CCFM is trying out some new cuts of meat: porterhouse, t-bone, and rib steaks (all with bone). Delicious! Worth trying something new!

And last but NOT least, we are hosting Bluegrass in the Barn this Saturday at 7pm, featuring the tried and true Bud’s Collective, recent 2nd place winners at the SPBGMA Competition in Nashville, TN! (We’re still convinced they deserved 1st…but that’s a different topic…)

$7.00/person, dinner will be sold, come hungry!

Come out and support some music that will blow you away, and while you’re at it pick up some beef and pork. Don’t let the cold get you down! (But…if we do cancel due to snow, we’ll announce it here and on Facebook…either wise, bring your 4WD and throw some sleds in the back!)


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