Bluegrass in the Barn TOMORROW!

Join us in the barn Saturday (TOMORROW) night at 7 for bluegrass, food, and lots of fun.
Bud’s Collective is back at it again, beginning at 7:30pm
Food will be ready by 7:00pm: we’ll be serving Sandy’s Beef BBQ sandwiches and Liza’s chili
$5.00 at the door for the music
We’ll have chairs available
You might want to bring a jacket! It’s been chilly lately!
Can’t wait to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Bluegrass in the Barn TOMORROW!

  1. Is thhis wheel chair accessible? Approxiimmately how much does the food cost? How long does the bluegrass last? Do you have it every Saturday? Are there reduced rates for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities that are accompanied by staff? Would it be feasible to get receipts? I would have called bbut did not see your phone number posted.

    Diana Brill-Tharpe

    • Hello Diana,

      Thank you for your questions. I’ll answer in order:
      1. Yes, the barn is wheelchair accessible (though there is not a specific ramp), but I will warn you that for restroom facilities, we only have a port-a-potty available and it is not wheelchair accessible.
      2. Brisket sandwiches: $5.00; Chili: $3.00; Drinks: $1.00
      3. Bluegrass usually goes from 7:30pm-11:00pm, but tomorrow night will go later because Corn in the Gutter will play a late-night set. People usually come and go as they please.
      3. No, we do not have it every Saturday. We usually have concerts once a month, sometimes twice a month, and we will always post the date and time here or on Facebook.
      4. No, sorry, no reduced rates.
      5. No receipts at the door; if you pay with your food with a credit/debit card, you could get a receipt
      6. For future reference, our phone number is 304-874-3462

      This is a very casual, family-friendly, fun event. Please feel free to call if you have any other questions!

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