Bud’s Collective LIVE Recording Concerts: this Friday and Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 4th! It was a wonderful and busy day with both a wedding AND a Lonesome Highway concert! Lonesome Highway treated the newlyweds to their first dance, featuring Liza Dunlap on vocals. Congratulations to Wes and Julie Grove and thank you for sharing your wedding day with us!

We’re already at it AGAIN with two concerts this weekend. Bud’s Collective will be recording a live album and we’re holding two shows so they can try out a ton of different songs and have lots to choose from when they’re cutting the album. We hope you will join us for BOTH nights; but, if you can’t make it to both, at least one!
Doors open at 7pm, music starts around 7:30pm

Friday: Half-Lit followed by Bud’s Collective

Saturday: Banana Express followed by Bud’s Collective
Cover charge $5.00 (BOTH nights)

We’ll be selling burgers and cheeseburgers (made with Sandy’s grass-fed beef, of course) and tornado fries

We’ll have chairs set up, but if you prefer to bring a lawn chair, feel free!

We have to officially announce that dogs are NOT allowed at Bluegrass in the Barn concerts: we have so many work dogs, it is hard to keep them all cooped up and also hard to know how different dogs will react to each other. So, please keep your four-legged friends at home or at least in your car when you join us at the concert!
Another request we have for the live recorded concerts is that no one shout out requests for songs. We love this normally, but for the sake of the record Bud’s Collective is going to have a concrete set list. Hoot and holler all you want, though! THe great energy the crowds bring to Bluegrass in the Barn is what inspired Buddy to plan a live album in the first place!

Again, thanks to everyone for your continued support. Can’t wait to see you Friday AND Saturday!


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