Yoga at Capon Crossing Farm Market

‘Tis the season for Yoga in the Barn!

Interested in classes? E-mail Elli at OR  fill out the form at the bottom of this post and let her know:
1) Your name

2) Your preferred day and time for classes

She will add you to her yoga class e-mail list and shortly let you know when classes will be held. She anticipates starting the second week or weekend in May, when the weather should be reliably warm.

Elli received her 200-hour teacher certification in April 2011 from the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in India. She has been practicing various types of yoga for 10 years, but enjoys teaching Sivananda Yoga because it is accessible to yogis of all levels, from those who have never stepped foot on a yoga mat, to those who spend half their time in handstands.

The standard Sivananda sequence follows 12 Basic Asanas (Poses), but during the classes in the barn, Elli will work up to the full sequence over a period of time. Some students may choose to do modifications of some poses, and during classes we may not even complete the full sequence (so don’t be scared off by headstands!!)  Yoga is an excellent way to exercise, but is also beneficial from the meditative quality of the movement.

Hope to see you on the mat!

Here is the full Sivananda sequence (click on the photos to see full size):

 (Note: Please do not attempt to try the more advanced poses at home without proper instruction.)



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