Be on the look-out for our missing dog

Just on the off chance that any locals might look at this…
Liza’s dog Tess has been missing for almost two days now. She has never wandered off before, and after we realized she was missing we found her name tag in the yard (it seems it fell off her collar).
Tess is a Border-Collie/ Chesapeake Bay Retriever cross. She has a short coat, mostly black with a brown undercoat. She has brown “eyebrow” markings, brown cheeks and legs, and a white chin, chest, and feet. She is a medium-sized, skinny dog, very friendly, and she is wearing a bright purple collar with a rabies tag still attached. We think she followed another one of our dogs around the farm and maybe got lost or picked up by someone who thought she was lost. It is unlike her to wander, and we are concerned that without her tags someone might not know what to do with her. If you see this dog or know anyone who has found a dog, PLEASE contact (304) 874-3462 or (540) 636-8829. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


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