We’re Expecting!

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who joined us this past Friday for Bluegrass in the Barn. The crowd’s energy was incredible! We’ll keep you posted for February’s concert date.

We want to announce the impending arrival of a litter of purebred Border Collie pups!


Pip: the father


Sadie: the mother


Pip is a red Border Collie, but has the traditional black and white coloring in his genes. He is used by Sandy to work Capon Crossing’s cattle. Sadie is a blue merle Border Collie. So between the two of them there is the possibility of having some red merle puppies. We will be posting prices soon. The puppies will be born within the next week or so, and we will continue to update with pictures. They would be available for purchase around the end of March or early April. Stay tuned!


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