Sweet Corn

In case you haven’t heard, Capon Crossing sells some of the best sweet corn in the area, grown just down the road at Arnold Farm in Romney, WV. We’ve haven’t been selling it long, but there have already been repeat customers raving about the sweet taste. We enjoy it pretty often, ourselves!

From http://www.arnoldfarmwv.com:

“We’ve been in the fresh vegetable business for four generations. A combination of great river bottom soil, many hours of sweat, intense management, and over 60 years of know how helps make our fresh veggies sought by many local and sometimes not so local residents!  About 15 acres of sweet corn is grown every year and every ear of corn is hand-picked to insure the very best in quality and taste…Corn is always picked the day we sell it to insure freshness.”

We get corn right off the stalk on Tuesdays, so that’s the best day to stop by for corn, if you can. We’re currently open everyday from 10am – 7pm.

(Also, you might recognize John Arnold as the banjo player from the bluegrass band Lonesome Highway…CDs are also available for sale at Capon Crossing Farm Market!)


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