In Times of Drought, We Craft

First of all, thanks to all the local people who stop by to visit our Farm Market! We certainly appreciate everyone’s support and hope to continue seeing you all as well as meeting more of you!

This drought is certainly slowing down our garden’s productivity. We are, however, getting yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and we should have some peppers and green beans for this weekend. And we are still providing produce such as tomatoes, peaches, and corn from a local grower until our own kick in.

These dry times are not drying up our creativity, however. Michelle White has been hard at work whittling and is beginning to sell some of her crafts in the farm market. She has made some hair sticks and hair ties, as well as some pins. Look out for jewelery she has made, too. Along with Michelle’s handmade crafts, we sell handmade quilts and handmade wooden cutting boards, crafted by Paul and Gina Clowes.

Pins that would look beautiful on a blouse or for securing a scarf.A hair tie.

Click on any of the pictures of the hair sticks to enlarge.

Just a reminder: We are open from 10am-7pm, seven days a week for the time being. Once we figure out our slowest days, we will reestablish hours.

Stay cool!


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