The Garden

Just to get y’all excited, here are some pictures from the garden…things happen so fast in the summer, though, the garden already looks different since these pictures were taken last week!

You’re looking at peppers, Roma beans, potatoes, cucumbers (growing at the base of the trellises), yellow and zucchini squash, spaghetti squash, cantaloupe, and two rows of tomatoes. The yellow and zucchini squash are waist-high now and full of blossoms and little squash, the cucumbers are inching their way up the trellises, and the tomatoes are ready to be tied up.

More peppers, cabbage, broccoli (some of which we’ve already sampled…delicious!), lettuce, onions, garlic, and some more Roma beans hiding in the far corner.

We’ve also got some raised beds in the middle with radishes, onions, beets, green spring onions, and some carrots that are just starting to peek up.

So, for you fellow gardeners out there, what is your favorite vegetable (or fruit or berry) to grow in the garden? Or, for the non-gardeners, what do you most look forward to eating out of the garden? Anybody got a good gardening story or tip? Leave a comment! We would LOVE to hear from you!

And remember, July 1st is the grand opening! If you can’t make it on Thursday, try to come out on the 4th!


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